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Team LDH: EXILE, J Soul Brothers and more!

Dream - Darling profile photos

Dream - Darling artist photos and covers



01. ダーリン (Darling)
02. Unbelievable
03. えがおの花
04. Wanna Wanna Go!
05. ダーリン (Instrumental)


01. ダーリン (Video Clip)

Flower - Akikaze no Answer covers

Happiness and Flower’s new singles have been confirmed!

Happiness’ single: Seek A Light
Release date: 19.11.2014

Flower’s single: Akikaze no Answer
Release date: 12.11.2014

On September 26, Hasegawa Jun gave birth to a healthy baby boy!


Happy birthday to KENCHI! (28/09)

Happy 13th anniversary to EXILE!

EXILE ATSUSHI LIVE TOUR and single mobile bonus have been announced!

Any version of the live tour: live tour postcards (10 pieces)
A set of Precious Love single (CD-only or CD+DVD) + all 3 music cards: wedding photo stand with ATSUSHI’s printed signature
A set of the live tour (any version) + Precious Love single (any version): live tour postcards (10 pieces) + Zexy special ATSUSHI badge