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It appears Kyoka Takeda is seeking an acting career and she’s giving up her position in the E-girls to pursue her goals.

Takeda’s message to fans has been posted at the official LDH agency website “I have met a lot of people and learned a lot of valuable things with E-Girls.” she continues “The road I want to take now is not going to be easy, it was never easy, it can even painful. But taking all the experiences over the last three years with the E-girls I am moving on my own path. I will never forget the support everyone has given me. Although we take separate paths at this point, our journey has only just begun. I will do my best and take any challenge head on. To my E-Girls, thank you very much.”

Kyoka Takeda was signed in 2011 by the LDH Agency during the Vocal Battle Audition 3 competition. Takeda was an active member of both the E-Girls and bunny.

BREATHE / Tomorrows

EXILE TAKAHIRO to hold his first solo exhibition!
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【日本赤十字社】2014年赤十字運動月間CM (15秒バージョン)

Gekidan EXILE new profile photos

Gekidan EXILE new profile photos

Gekidan EXILE new profile photos