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Team LDH: EXILE, J Soul Brothers and more!

Happy birthday to E-girls’ Inagaki Rio! (17/09)

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THE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE official members have been announced!

Yoshino Hokuto (17)
Aoyama Riku (20)
Kawamura Kazuma (17)

Takechi Kaisei (16)
Fujiwara Itsuki (16)
Urakawa Shohei (17)
Iwaya Shogo (17)
Yamamoto Shogo (18)
Yonamine Rui (19)
Kamiya Kenta (19)
Sakamoto Jin (20)
Elliot Likiya (23)
Goto Takuma (15)
Suzuki Takahide (15)
Ata Ryutaro (16)
Hasegawa Makoto (16)

E-girls first photobook [COLORFUL DIARY] produced by leader Aya will be on sale on 10/17!

Price: 2222yen
A5 size. Hard cover. 160 pages.

Preorders will be accepted starting from 09/12!

DOBERMAN INFINITY to release a mini album titled [#PRLG]!

The album will include the following songs:

[INFINITY] which was used as an insert song for GTO drama
[HOTLINE] featuring EXILE SHOKICHI and ELLY from Sandaime J Soul Brothers

Plus other new songs, making a total of 7 songs!

The album will be available in CD-only (1750yen) and CD+DVD (2407yen) Tax not included.


Mobile: Original DVD [#PRLG THE MOVIE]
First press: DOBERMAN INFINITY bandana, designed by SWAY, which will be available in different colors according to the store you buy the album from:
HMV: Pink
Wonder GOO/shinseido: Black
Other stores not mentioned: DOBERMAN INFINITY original sticker